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Welcome to Raven’s Wing

Shirley Flint - Mandala Let me share with you a little of my journey … I have been exploring my spirituality for many years and this has led me to the ancient practices of shamanism and the Old Ways – to the Old Gods - an ancient way to be in a modern world – where I have experienced some of the mysteries, beauty and wonders of our inner and outer worlds.

My journey began after a traumatic event within my family and has taken many twists and turns along the way.  One thing leading on to the next in synchronistic fashion – a merry dance led by Spirit – through ups and downs; ‘ah ha’ moments and challenges, that have made me laugh (haha); made me cry (boohoo); but always made me grow …

I have been blessed with the support of my family; the teachers I have met along the way and the friends that I have made.

I formally trained as a shamanic practitioner with The Sacred Trust and it was shortly after completing my training that the name for my website ‘Raven’s Wing’ came to me in a dream which I held for many years before fulfilling its promise.

Raven ‘magick’ is considered by some ancient traditions to be present in every healing circle.  Raven is a keeper of secrets and its wisdom holds the energy of healing, rebirth without fear, recovery, renewal, introspection, courage, self-knowledge, transformation of challenges into blessings – magick - and that’s what I believe these ancient practices bring to our crazy modern world – empowerment, harmony, balance and wholeness.

In 2013 I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation based in the UK whose ethos speaks to my heart:

Shirley Flint“We aim to keep our hearts and minds open to everyone, celebrating difference but not separation.  We refuse to marginalise people on the basis of age, disability, state of health, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, economic status or any other distinction.”

… or as I like to put it “everyone is included; no one is excluded on any grounds” … and it’s shorter! 

My particular passion is to help warriors (men and women – of land and sea and sky) as being ex-Services myself they hold a special place in my heart as tribe and community … and so my journey continues … may be with you …?


Shirley x